Teresa Cisneros

(Curator of People/ Wellcome)

Teresa Cisneros is a Chicanx Londoner. Originally from the Mexico-Texas border, ‘La Frontera’, she practices from where she is from not where she is. A curandera and arts administrator by choice, currently she is Inclusive Practice Lead at the Wellcome Collection but thinks of herself as a curator of people, part of agencyforagency, and recently at The Showroom she curated Object Positions to explore cultural equity, decolonial processes, and colonial administration (2016-18). Cisneros has worked with sorryyoufeeluncomfortable and numerous institutions including Nottingham Contemporary, Tate, Goldsmiths, and University College London to explore care, policy making, learning, colonial infrastructures, institutional change, and rethinking museums. In 2018, she published document 0 a publication exploring our inability to ‘diversify’ the arts. She is interested in reconstructing systems and cultural institutions to begin working towards forms of transformational and institutional justice by holding staff accountable for their bad behaviours. Cisneros centres her life and work practice in collaboration, care relations, and collectivity.

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